Neville L. Holder, PhD, MS (QA/RA), Presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who's Who

Dr. Holder has been endorsed by Marquis Who’s Who as a leader in the field of Pharmaceutical Chemical Research

CHERRY HILL, NJ, September 27, 2019 Marquis Who’s Who, the world’s premier publisher of biographical profiles, is proud to present Neville L. Holder with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award. An accomplished listee, Dr. Holder celebrates many years’ experience in his professional network, and has been noted for achievements, leadership qualities, and the credentials and successes he has accrued in his field. As in all Marquis Who’s Who biographical volumes, individuals profiled are selected on the basis of current reference value. Factors such as position, noteworthy accomplishments, visibility, and prominence in a field are all taken into account during the selection process.

Dr. Neville L. Holder was born in St. Joseph, Barbados on May 28, 1940, where he received his elementary and secondary education; graduated with Oxford and Cambridge Ordinary Level and Advanced Level Certificates. It was in secondary school that he became interested in pharmaceutical chemistry. Although the level of secondary education he received in Barbados was equivalent to that of a second year of college education in the United States, he elected to attend a local university. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Mathematics for Science with Honors (Upper Division) from the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1965. Three years later, he obtained a Master of Science in Organic Chemistry from the aforementioned university in 1968. Soon thereafter, Dr. Holder received a Doctor of Philosophy in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, in 1973. For his professional and career enrichment he attended a number of synthetic and chromatographic short courses: offered by The American Chemical Society: and other credited groups. He concluded his academic pursuits with a Master of Science in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs from the School of Pharmacy at Temple University, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2002.

Dr. Holder began his professional career in 1968 as a Cosmetic Chemist at the Gillette Research Institute in Rockville, Maryland, and was promoted to Research Chemist in 1973. He pursued his career goal of being a Pharmaceutical Research Chemist by accepting a position in 1978 as an Associate Senior Investigator with Smith Kline and French Laboratories (now Smith Kline Glaxo), a pharmaceutical company, located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. In 1992 he was offered and accepted a position as Senior Research Scientist at Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuticals in Collegeville, Pennsylvania and in 1998 he was promoted to the position of a Research Fellow. Soon thereafter in 2000, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuticals company underwent a number of mergers. After serving as a Research Fellow for Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Bridgewater, New Jersey for three years, Dr. Holder held the posts of a Principal Scientist with Aventis from 2003 to 2005. He was associated with Sanofi-Aventis in Bridgewater, as a Principal Research Investigator until he retired in 2008 Also from 2005 till 2008, he was selected to serve as the US representative as the Quality and Regulatory Coordinator of Sanofi-Aventis Discovery Analytics. Throughout his professional career he excelled as an Organic Chemist in cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies for more than 40 years. In December 2007, he retired from Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Bridgewater, NJ as a Principal Research Investigator. Before retirement, he was a Regulatory Affairs Consultant in the chemistry, manufacture and control (CMC) of ethical pharmaceutical chemical entities.

Achievements to Dr. Holder’s credit include research in the isolation and structure elucidation of natural products from the Jamaican cedar plant (Studies on the Extracts of Cedrela Odorata L), and conceiving and implementing synthetic routes for the conversion of readily available monosaccharides to novel carbohydrate enones. He pioneered the investigation of photochemical addition of alcohols (-CHOH-) to the a unsaturated carbohydrate enone functionality and elucidating the structures of the products resulting from the photochemical addition (Syntheses of Carbohydrate Enones and their Photochemical Transformation to Branch- chain Monosaccharides). During his tenure at the Gillette Research Institute he synthesized, developed and tested new and novel cosmetic products; including non-Sulphur depilatories. Also, he developed a process for the reconstitution of leather scrap or waste. In the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Holder employed various physical and chromatographic (achiral and chiral) analytical and preparative techniques to prepare primary reference standards of drug substances and their impurities, isolated compounds for biological testing and safety evaluation. He proposed, and carried out the synthesis of drug substance intermediates, isomers and potential intermediates, sometimes under chemically stressed conditions. He also developed a Sequential Chiral Resolution Analytical Procedure (SCRAP) to resolve unknown basic/acidic racemates, and introduced the use of ammonium acetate as a mobile phase additive in the analysis of acidic or basic compounds. Dr. Holder supervised and mentored students and technician in good laboratory practices (GLP) for the development of analytical and preparative chromatographic methods. A respected expert in the chromatographic area, he has written numerous articles (~ 50 articles) to professional journals, and here are a few examples:

  1. ” Extractives of Cedrela Odorata L. Part ll”, W.R. Chan, N.L. Holder, D.R. Taylor, G. Snatzke and H.W. Fehlhaber. J Chem Soc. (C) 2485 (1968).
  2. “An Apparent Stereochemical Effect in MnO2 Oxidation of Some Allylic Alcohols.” B Fraser-Reid, Bernard J. Carthy, N.L Holder and Mark Yunker. Can J. Chem 49, 3038 (1971).
  3. “A Ready Route to Hex-3-enopyranosides.” B. Fraser-Reid and N.L Holder. J. Chem. Soc.; Chem Comm. 31 (1972).
  4. “An Improved Synythesis of Methyl-2-O-benzoyl-4,6-O-benzylidene-D-altropyranoside.” N.L. Holder and B. Fraser-Reid. Synthesis, 83 (1972).
  5. “Ground State and Excited State Reactions of Some Carbohydrate Enones.”B. Fraser-Reid, N.L. Holder and M. Yunker. J.Chem. Soc.; Chem Comm. 1286 (1972).
  6. “Synthetic Approaches to a Novel Carbohydrate Conjugated Diene:4,6-O-Benzylidene 1,2,3-trideoxy-3-C-methylene-D-erytho-hex-1-enopyranose.” Steve Y-K Tam, David E Iley, Neville L. Holder, Dave R. Hicks and B. Fraser-Reid. Çan. J. Chem. 51, 3150 (1973).
  7. “The Synthesis of Some Alkyl Hex-3-enopyranosiduloses” N.L. Holder and B. Fraser-Reid. Can J. Chem 51 3357 (1973).
  8. “A Rapid Route to Hex-1-enopyran-3-uloses” B. Fraser-Reid, D.L. Walker, S. Y-K Tam and N.L. Holder. Can J. Chem . 51 3950 (1973).
  9. “Mass Spectral Studies of Some Carbohydrate Enones” N.L. Holder and B. Fraser-Reid Tetrahedron 29 4077 (1973).
  10. “Synthetic Applications of the Photochemically Induced Addition of Oxycarbinyl Specie to -enones. Part l: The Addition of Simple Alcohols” B. Fraser-Reid, Neville L. Holder, David Roy Hicks and David Louis Walker. Can J. Chem 55 3978 (1977).
  11. “The Chemistry of Hexenuloses” N.L. Holder Chem. Rev. 82 287 (1982).
  12. “The Structure of the Glycolipid Components of the Aridicin Antibiotic Complex.” Peter W. Jeffs, George Chan, Robert Sitrin, Neville Holder and Charles DeBrosse. J.Org.Chem . 50, 1726 (1985).
  13. “A Search for a Versatile Additive in Normal Phase Chiral HPLC” Neville L. Holder Teng-Man Chen and Adam C. Matlinger. Abstract # XXX, Chirality Conference Presentation, New Yorkr, NJ July 12, 2004.

Dr. Holder was a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Organic Chemistry. Additionally, he is the owner of several patents in organic chemistry. He was experience and respected as a leader in utilizing a number of chromatographic techniques (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography and Supercritical Fluid Liquid) to obtain chromatographically pure (_99%) chemical entities. In all of his structure elucidation of the structure of organic unknowns he was versed in the interpretation of physical data generated from IR, NMR, GC, and Mass Spectrometry.

Dr. Holder is the recipient of some academic awards: Government of Barbados Ministry of Education Bursary (1961-1964), University of the West Indies Post Graduate Scholarship (1965 -1968), University of Waterloo Post Graduate Teaching Fellowship (1969-1973). For his accomplishments in the field, Dr. Holder has been the recipient of the Barbadian American Alliance Accomplishment Award (commemorating Barbados 25 years of independence) and has lifetime membership in American Registry for Outstanding Professionals He is a member of many scientific organizations and social organizations:- American Association for the Advancement of Science, ,American Chemical Society, Philadelphia Organic Chemists Club, National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE), and is a Past President of the Delaware Valley Chapter of NOBCChE. During his presidency, he led his chapter in establishing programs to meet the Chapter’s role in the National Organization. These goals were to provide the mechanism for carrying out the purpose of the national organization. Some of these programs provided opportunities for professional networking, supplying technical role models, introducing science and technology to the students at all educational levels and assisting African American professionals and students in realizing their full potential. Dr. Holder’s lobbing efforts at Rhone Poulenc Rorer pharmaceutical company, led to national support for the first annual health symposium which occurred at the San Diego meeting in 1999; the topic of the Saturday morning symposium was breast cancer. This symposium became an integral program of the national conference for many years.

Neville L. Holder, Ph.D. has been a resident of Cherry Hill since 1978, and attends St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church. His civic efforts involved duty as a Committee Member of the Boy Scouts of America (Troup 170), an Industrial supervisor for interns in the INROADS Philadelphia program and was the Financial Secretary for the Cherry Hill African American Civic Association (CHAACA).

Likewise, he has been selected for inclusion in numerous editions of Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, and Who’s Who in the World. In recognition of outstanding contributions to his profession and the Marquis Who’s Who community, Dr. Holder has been featured on the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement website. Please visit for more information about this honor.

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